EX FI 006 [Test Report] FIWall BS 476 (0.6 BMT, 200 mm thick) Rev.00


EX FI 006 [Test Report] FIWall BS 476 (0.6 BMT, 200 mm thick) Rev.00
FIWall i370 Achieved BS 476 2 Hours Fire Resistance Test
แผ่นฉนวนกันไฟ Rockwool WALLROC ผ่านการทดสอบมาตรฐานการกันไฟระดับโลก FM Approvals
WALLROC Wall by Wall Tech has passed the Fire resistance test according to FM Approval standards

FM Approvals

FM Approvals is an institution that provides a certificate for fireproof products, especially building material.
This Institute is located in the USA and is recognized around the world.

Fireproof Sandwich Panel-Rockwool namely WALLROC Wall by Wall Tech has passed the Fire resistance test according to FM Approval standards. Note that WALLROC is the first and only in Thailand that has passed FM Approval Standard.

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Rockwool Certificate

Rockwool Certificate

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 quality management is used in quality assurance and management processes. It can be applied to any organization such as production plant and others. It is widely used and complied with most of the world.

The difference between the ISO 9001:2015 system and other standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management is the way in which organizations or companies manage the basic system to ensure the quality rather than focus on the good of every system, and is not difficult to put to practice.

  • The quality management standard has been established by a group of EU.

Wall Tech has certified a quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001 version 2015 from TUV Nord (Thailand). It can be said that our quality management and production are effective according to international standards.

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Certificate ISO14000 2015
ISO 14000 2015 Logo

ISO 14001:2015

  • Strictly abide by the law, regulation and provision of environment related to our company.
  • Prevent and reduce environment impacts which related to our company’s activities both direct and indirect.
  • Change and improve environment management system for continuous improvement and sustainability.
  • Create environment awareness for prevention and reduction of resource and energy usage within company.

The green industry level 3 certification

Green Industry Certificate


Quality Policy

“We are committed to excellence of insulated panel’s technology and installation to ensure the customer’s satisfaction of our product’s quality and service, continuously.”


ERP System

ERP software is the software which links all job functions in the organization or connects the part of all the modules together by working in a real-time manner. ERP Software will be designed on the basis of the best practices in that particular industry.

Our management policy is to manage all systems and functions as efficient as possible, therefore; we invest in ERP system so that we can link all information together and everyone can monitor all activities in real time. By using software of SAP, it can support current and future expansion.

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