Cold Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room

Cold storage room or cold room that are energy saving, fireproof and smokeless.

Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room

A cold room is a cold storage facility used to store raw materials and finished goods at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius for 24 hours to maintain freshness and doing so increases shelf life and value of the finished product.

The best choice of insulation for cold room is not only effective in preventing heat but also reduce energy costs during operations. In today’s industries a good heat protective insulation is not enough, a proper cold insulation must both provide heat protection and fireproof properties as well.

Wall Tech will be more than happy to handle your project or provide consultation services. We can design and provide cold rooms that saves energy cost and provide fire protection with over 25 years of experience along with our ISO 9001:2015 standards.


“Authentic PIR FIWall i370 by Wall Tech is used for cold room heat protective roofing panels, innovative design and smokeless fire protection.”

PIR Sandwich Panel for Cold Room


  • With an index value of more than 350, it is an authentic PIR insulation panel combined with the latest and most powerful ZIP-LOCK insulating system which has been specifically designed for fire protection and anti-temperature leakage. The ZIP-lOCK system provides rock solid insulation and fireproof protection at each and every joint.
  • Provides excellent insulation properties saving energy cost by up to 30%.
  • Can operate at a maximum of -60°C and withstand heat up to 100°C.
  • Widely used in cold rooms, production lines, warehouses and oven rooms.
  • Low water absorption rate, thus further extending the life of cold storage panels for more than 10 years.
  • Increases usable space due to its low k-Value and high R-Value, making it possible to use thinner insulation panels at controlled temperatures.
  • Supports GMP and HACCP standards
  • Environmentally friendly without CFCs components
  • The price of PIR insulation panels by Wall Tech are lower than the standard price of imported PIR insulation by leading manufactures by 40%.

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“In addition, EPS foam insulation (EPS Foam) is a good heat insulator and widely used in cold room from the past to the present.”

EPS Sandwich Panel for Cold Room


  • Provides good insulation but lack fire proof safety and protection.
  • F-Grade EPS insulation is a non-flammable polystyrene (EPS) insulation core.
  • Provides cold resistant up to -60°C and can withstand up to 80°C
  • Clean and safe that supports GMP and HACCP standards.
  • Environmentally friendly and contains no CFCs component.
  • Cheap and affordable.

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Cold room are cleaner and safer with our Super Hygienic Technology (SGT) accessories as a solution to the exposed rivet issue. Our system prevents the accumulation of fungus and bacteria build up.

Super Hygienic Technology (SGT) for Cold Room

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Insulated Doors for cold room uses the same insulation core as our sandwich panels,along with premium grade PVC curtains.

Door for Cold Room

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“This time, it depends on your decision to choose the best insulation core that best fits your applications. For a sustainable and worthwhile investment because a good cold room does not depend on the price alone.”

Consultation – Inquire about cold room installation or further information please contact us here.


Installation of Cold room are supervised by our experienced engineers. Projects are completed in a timely and uninterrupted schedule allowing our clients to generate market and profits first.

Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room
Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room
Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room
Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room
Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room
Cold  Room , Cold Room Sandwich Panel , Cold Storage Room

A list of trusted clients that Wall Tech has completed design and installation of cold room



Thai Pure Drinks Limited

CP Foods


Basic components of a Cold Storage Room

1. Cold Room panels (Sandwich Panels)

2. You can choose the best insulated sandwich panels from FIWall i370 our authentic PIR panels made by Wall Tech that is fireproof and smokeless or our F-Grade EPS foam insulation panels.
3. Installation accessories Super Hygienic Technology (SGT)



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