Wall Technology Co., Ltd.

Wall Technology Co., Ltd.

We Insulate the World.

Wall Technology Co., Ltd. was formed to meet the demand for world-class insulation at a lower cost than imports because it is manufactured and assembled here in Thailand using the most advanced machinery. This has increased the standards of the manufacturing industry along with creating value for investors and quality personnel. The world’s most advanced machinery and integrity in every step of the way, Wall Tech is leading the way in the Thai insulating market and is ready to move on with the best high quality products. We are the best insulation solution for the ultimate success of every customer.

Mr. Sutthi Dhenwittaya

Sutthi Denvitaya

Chief Executive Officer

Wall Technology Co., Ltd. are specialist in the design and installation of comprehensive insulation in Thailand for over 25 years with continuous growth and leap. We are the world’s leader in insulation, wall and ceiling technology.

With the principle that “Just finished the job is not enough. Clients must also be confident and successful with our finished products. “Wall Tech, under the guidance of Mr. Sutthi Denvitaya expands and advances every year. Until now, Wall Tech is the largest manufacturer of insulation panels in Thailand.


The most important step in the history of Wall Tech was to invest and import the most advanced technology from Germany, a Fully Automatic Continuous Injection Machine which has revolutionized the face of Thailand’s insulation standards. With new innovations such as world class quality FIWall i370 also known as polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) with special features. To fill the needs of customers who require a higher standard and quality than the traditional insulation panels currently on the market, Thai entrepreneurs can own it at an economical price from Wall Tech at 40% less then import providers.

Wall Tech is committed and caring in product development to deliver and provide excellent products and services.

“Wall Tech The best insulation solution, for a worthwhile and sustainable investment.”


Wall Tech’s intention is to provide the better life of everyone, whether adult, male, female, all life, all of which that are consumers. The process of gathering, storage and transport are always on our mind. With a commitment to help those involved in these process succeed in maintaining top quality at all times. Wall Tech is always ready to go all the way to provide the best solution and value for the customers.




Wall Tech’s project concept is to manufacture and provide the best insulation panels along with installation by our top engineers. We not only provide these services but are redy to solve any problems that may occur after with our ability and knowledge. We have the best and most advanced technology in the world. To provide our customers with the best quality.


We have integrity and precision in our work, designing, manufacturing and installation. We know that it’s not just us but we provide the best possible services for the customer’s success and to build long-term relationships.


Wall Tech the innovative insulated panels that looks after you.

Did you know that your daily commodities since the day you were born are all involving in a portion of “Wall Tech” technology? Wall Tech considered as a fundamental component for product process of your daily basis goods. Even you may never notice how Wall Tech benefit you, but we are glad and honor to be part of your daily life… We Insulate the World

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