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By using this website (, we will collect, use and in some cases disclose your information. This may include your personal data. The rules for collecting, using and disclosing personal information are in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

You can choose whether or not to consent to us collecting, using and/or disclosing your personal data.

In the event that any terms and conditions, regulations or notices are inconsistent with this privacy policy Please adhere to this privacy policy.

1) Definition

1.1) Personal data means any data that can identify you personally. whether to use that information alone or used in conjunction with other information for identification

1.2) Website means

2) Information We Collect

2.1) We will collect your information. When you start using our website. or make contact with us in any way Such information may be of the nature of personal information. The information we collect includes the following:

2.1.1) Information required for creating an account (Account), including name, surname, gender, information about work (such as occupation, name of work/company, position), country and city, address, contact number, email address, job type.

2.1.2) Website usage information, such as the number of times you access the website per day. The number of clicks on the service on the website Services that you use regularly. We may also use cookies for the efficiency of providing services to you.

2.1.3) Other information that you provide to us, such as personal information that you have entered on the website. Pictures of your design work Information that you participate in activities with us and the information you provide when contacting us, including downloading materials from the Website.

2.2) You understand and agree that our Service may contain links to third party websites or websites that we do not control. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of any third party websites or websites linked from this website. To know and understand how such website or website collects, uses or processes your personal data. Or endorse the operation as announced on the website or such website. and shall not be held liable if those websites or websites do not operate or take any action in accordance with the privacy policies posted by such websites or websites.

3) Storage

We store all of your personal data in the cloud, where there is a limit to the level of access to that data.

4) Use of personal information

We will use your personal information to provide this website. Including being used according to the purpose specified in this policy. or for other purposes declared at the time of collection. Or where you have given your consent after we collect the information. Your personal information may be used for the following purposes.

4.1) Create and manage your account and contact you about your account.

4.2) Verify your identity to secure the use of personal information.

4.3) Provide information, conduct and contact you about products, services, events, opinion surveys. and our promotions

4.4) Process, measure and respond to the provision of the Services. including answering questions and your request

4.5) Operation, evaluation and business improvement product development new website or service

4.6) Manage communication systems, conduct market surveys, measure and manage effectiveness in advertising and marketing.

4.7) Analyze our products, services and website. including administering our website

4.8) Manage risks and develop quality

4.9) Secure the provision of services through our network. Protect resources and employees

4.10) Investigate and comply with laws, regulations, industry standards. and enforce our other policies and terms.

5) Disclosure of Personal Information

5.1) We may disclose and/or transfer your personal data to third parties as follows:

5.1.1) contractors or service providers who provide services for creating, maintaining and improving the website, systems, software or providing any other services necessary for us to provide you with services Those people may have access to your personal information, such as website usage history.

5.1.2) Homeowners, project owners Only communication-related information, such as name, surname, phone number, email address, and design information for homeowners, project owners contact you about hiring a design service

5.1.3) Owner of Product Information Only the listing owner’s product-related data is generated from their listing. In order for the owner of the product information to act as follows Contact you about the product. Opinion surveys, their various promotions process, measure, operate, improve business, develop products, conduct market surveys and manage advertising and marketing effectiveness of their products; Manage risks and develop product quality.

However, the disclosure of your personal information as mentioned above We will ensure that those parties put in place security measures for collection. and use that personal information including complying with personal data protection laws And will not allow those parties to collect, use or disclose your personal information other than what is specified in this privacy policy.

5.2) Except as set forth in clause 5.1, we will not sell or disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent.

5.2.1) required by law or legal process to disclose personal data; or

5.2.2) disclosed to the officer government official or a competent authority to comply with a lawful order or request; or

5.2.3) When we deem it necessary to disclose personal data in order to prevent any harm or damage to yourself or others. or to investigate potentially illegal activities for which we are unable to obtain your consent.

5.3) Your electronic device may provide a means for sharing your personal information with other parties, websites or other electronic devices. how you share your personal information You are deemed to have agreed and consented to the disclosure of personal information to those individuals, websites or electronic devices, and you should carefully consider such actions.

5.4) We may disclose personal data that has undergone an anonymous process to the public. or for the benefit of our business

5.5) We reserve the right to transfer personal data if there is any restructuring. sell or transfer our business or assets In such cases, your personal information may be disclosed to the purchaser. and/or advisers to the purchaser. Including requiring the purchaser and/or the Buyer’s consultants comply with our Personal Data Protection Principles as well.

6) Protection of personal information

We have put in place measures to secure the personal information we receive from you. In order to prevent unauthorized disclosure, use, change or destruction of your personal information. We have provided a standardized security system. both data processing data collection and data transfer

7) Management of personal information to be accurate and up-to-date

7.1) We will use our endeavors to update your personal data to be accurate. and as current as we can be. And we will delete any inaccurate personal information. or not necessary to provide services to you or in the event that you request the deletion of that personal information

7.2) We recommend that you review your personal data from time to time. to encourage accurate and up-to-date information

8) Period of personal data collection

We will retain your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes.

8.1) We will retain your account creation information for as long as your account exists. so that we can provide services to you

8.2) We collect information about your use of the website for legal purposes. for security and for conducting business as described in this Privacy Policy.

8.3) We will retain your other personal data until you delete that personal data. or delete your account

9) Rights about your information

9.1) Rights regarding your data are:

9.1.1) Information for account creation: You can access and edit your personal information by clicking on My Account on the menu bar. You can revoke your consent for us to use your personal data. or delete your personal information By deleting your account, you will not be able to access the portion of the website that requires an account. You can change the withdrawal of your consent within 30 days, after which 30 days we will permanently delete your personal data. You can request a copy. or transfer personal data by contacting us by e-mail

9.1.2) Other personal data. If you wish to access, correct, delete, copy or transfer your personal data. Please contact us via email if you choose to delete your personal information. You will not be able to access personal information.

9.1.3) Unsubscribe : You can unsubscribe any notification or message related to our service or marketing. You can also request that we delete or stop processing your personal data for our marketing purposes by unsubscribing at the bottom of the marketing emails you receive. However, alerts or emergency messages will still be sent to you.

9.2) Your rights as mentioned above may be limited in some cases, for example we need to use your personal data to provide website services. or where the law requires us to collect, use or disclose personal data

9.3) If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email.

10) Modifications or change the privacy policy

10.1) You understand and agree that We have the right to make improvements. Or change this privacy policy without prior notice. We will announce the revised or changed terms and conditions on the website for you to consider before using the website. with the date of the last amendment Your continued use of the services on our website after it has been revised. or changed the privacy policy You will be deemed to have accepted the revised Privacy Policy. or have already changed it expressly

10.2) If you would like to view the previous Privacy Policy, please contact our Call Center by email.

11) Controller of personal data

11.1) The controller of personal data is The person who has the authority to make decisions about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data.

11.2) Providing services on this website, we, Building Materials Co., Ltd. are the controller of your personal data, which you can contact us at

Address: No. 70 Moo 13, Phutthamonthon Sai 5 Road, Rai Khing Subdistrict, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province 73210