Insulated doors for Cold room

Cold room door

How features and advantages of insulated door are better than normal door?

Salient features

  • Cold room door, slide door, and swing door are made of Sandwich Panel which all doors have both Manual and Automatic type.
  • There are various insulated types for selecting to suit different applications no matter the real PIR by Wall Tech, Rockwool, or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
  • Covered joints by Anodized Aluminum (Non rivet found system).
  • Reducing the cumulative source of fungi and bacteria.
  • Hybrid wood frame can protect termite and insect.
  • Not permeable, not decay, not cracking, and not tear.
  • Heat resistance, Moisture resistance, and Non-flammable.

Superior advantages

  • Excellent heat resistance and good fire resistance significantly.
  • Help to maintain the temperature and reduce energy costs.
  • Strength, durability and long lifetime.
  • Comfortable, easy to use and open.
  • Clean, safe, support quality system: GMP and HACCP.
  • Environmentally friendly, CFCs free.
  • Suitable for every industry such as Cold rooms, Processing rooms, Clean rooms, Warehouses and Oven rooms.

The details of each type of cold room doors

Cold room door

1. Slide Doors for cold room

The standard equipment

  • Aluminum door rails with handles can support 200 kg weight of door.
  • Sliding system are designed and developed to be able to move on-off easily, smoothly, comfortably, and safely.
  • “Santoprene“, door seal, can withstand up to -40 °C.
  • Premium stainless steel handles.
  • Heater around door and frame can prevent of frost at the door.

2. Swing Door “ STUV “ for cold room

The standard equipment

  • Handles & Hinges of STUV are imported from Germany.
  • “Santoprene“, door seal, can withstand up to -40 °C.
  • Heater around door and frame can prevent of frost at the door.
“Could you see that the insulated doors or cold room doors of Wall Tech are good and worthy investment?. Don’t forget to choose the suitable insulated types for using “.

Other elements that support the strength,
durability, clean, and energy saving

Insulated Doors have been used in
various industries from cold room to oven room


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