FIWall i370 PIR Sandwich Panel

  • Fire Resistant Insulation Panel FIWALL i370 is a thermal insulation panel made from Polyisocyanurate (PIR) by Wall Tech with an Index count of more than 350
  • The powerful ZIP-Lock system. Designed specifically for fire protection.
  • Cheaper than imported PIR insulation panels by 40%

Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS Foam)

  • Expanede Polystyrene (PS) Insulation panel (F-Grade) prevents flames from spreading.
  • Heat resistant and able to maintain desired temperature.
  • Suitable for all industries such as cold storage, free rooms, production lines, clean rooms and warehouses.

WALLROC Rockwool Sandwich Panel

  • Able to reduce heat by 55% compared to standard metal sheet
  • Provides exceptional sound absorption by reducing sound up to 27 db (STC) and noise by 44% (NRC).
  • Wall Tech is the first and only manufacturer in Thailand to have received an FM approval for our Rockwool panels.

Insulated Sandwich Panel Door

  • Insulated doors made from our Sandwich Panel core
  • Exposed door frame and rivets covered with SGT accessories
  • Strong, moisture resistant, heat and fire resistant.

Strip Curtains

  • High quality PVC plastic grade.
  • Strong and durable, will not rip or tear easily
  • Help prevent temperature lost and insects from entering the area

Super Hygienic Technology (SGT)

  • Aluminum accessories with anodized surface coating.
  • New color coating system for 2 part accessories
  • Designed for covering joints between the insulation panels, exposed screws and rivets preventing bacteria and fungus formation.

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