- Z-LOCK System


Z-LOCK System

What are the advantages of Z-LOCK System?

  • The Z-LOCK system uses 6 cm. long of steel sheet for locking to achieve an effective locking system in Z shape.
  • Prolong the lifetime of the insulated panel.
  • Strength to impact force.
  • Help to maintain the temperature
  • Prevent the temperature leakage.
  • Help to reduce energy costs.
  • Suitable for every industry such as Cold room, Freezing room, Processing room, Clean room, and Warehouse.

The machine used in the production of sandwich panel with Z-LOCK system.

เครื่องจักร Z-Lock Panel Laminating Machinery

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Sandwich panel with Z-LOCK system

  • WALLROC, Rockwool panel which is fireproof and certificated by FM Approval, the world class standard.

แผ่นฉนวนกันไฟ Rockwool ใยแนวตั้ง WALLROC

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  • Thermal Insulated Panel, Polystyrene Foam (EPS Foam), which is self-extinguish type (F-Grade).

แผ่นฉนวนกันความร้อน พอลิสไตรีน EPS

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